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Perform 3d


PERFORM 3D is a highly focused nonlinear software tool for earthquake resistant design. Complex structures, including those with intricate shear wall layouts, can be analyzed nonlinearly using a wide variety of deformation-based and strength-based limit states.

Model data can be imported directly from ETABS and SAP2000. A wide variety of element types are supported, including beams (with panel zones), columns, braces, shear walls (with openings), floor slabs, dampers, and isolators.

Nonlinear analyses can be static and/or dynamic, and can be run on the same model. Loads can be applied in any sequence, such as a dynamic earthquake load followed by a static pushover.

PERFORM 3D provides powerful performance based design capabilities, and can calculate demand/capacity (usage) ratios for all components and all limit states. Performance assessment based on ATC-40, FEMA-356 or ATC-440 is fully automated.

PERFORM 3D output includes usage ratio plots, pushover diagrams, energy balance displays, as well as mode shapes, deflected shapes, and time history records of displacements and forces.


  • Import Model Geometry from ETABS and SAP2000
  • Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface
  • Beam, Column and Brace Members
  • Solid, Hollow and Flanged Parametric Shapes
  • Shear Links and Panel Zones
  • Complex Shear Walls and Floor Slabs
  • Dampers and Isolators
  • Plastic Hinges with PMM Interaction
  • P-Delta Effects


  • Pushover Analysis using ATC-40, FEMA-356 or ATC-440
  • Limit States Based on Deformation, Strength and/or Drift
  • Demand/Capacity Ratios
  • Usage Ratio Plots
  • Calculate Mean Demand/Capacity Ratios for Multiple Earthquakes
  • Specify Deformation/Strength Capacities for All Member Types
  • Energy Balance Calculation for Energy Dissipation


  • 3D Nonlinear Static Pushover
  • 3D Nonlinear Time-History Earthquake
  • Sequential Loading, e.g., Cyclic Pushover
  • Automated Analysis Strategies
  • Trilinear Force-Deformation Relationship
  • Optional Brittle Strength Loss and Stiffness Degradation
  • Combine Results for Multiple Earthquakes
  • Vary Member Strengths without hanging the Model
  • Efficient Solver for Large Structures


  • Color-Coded Demand/Capacity (Usage) Plots
  • Pushover Diagrams for ATC-40, FEMA-356 and ATC-40
  • Time-History Records of Displacements, Drifts and Forces
  • Time-History Displays of Forces for Member Groups
  • Moment and Shear Diagrams
  • Force Displays for Member Groups
  • Animated Deflected Shapes
  • Animated Mode Shapes
  • Deflected Shapes with Usage Ratio Overlays
  • Hysteresis Loop Plots
  • Mean Demand/Capacity Plots
  • Energy Balance Displays


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