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Network Modeling Tools to Analyse Design and Distribution Natural Gas


GASWorkS has continued to evolve since our first quite simple but effective version of the software was released in 1991. Our latest release supports a very sophisticated map style graphical data interface, a quick solution routine, and provides support for a number of different model elements, including support for individual customer features. GASWorkS provides an extensive set of network modeling tools designed to assist the User analyze and design distribution, transmission, gathering, and plant piping systems conveying natural gas or other compressible fluids.

GASWorkS may be used to create steady-state models of systems containing not only standard pipe type elements, but also supports regulator, compressor, valve, well, and fitting type elements. GASWorkS calculates the estimated valve coefficient for regulators, and the estimated power and fuel requirements for compressors . A pipe sizing function is provided to assist in determining the required size for selected pipes in the model.

GASWorkS will run on any personal computer configured to run the Windows 95, or Windows NT 4.0 operating environment. Affordably priced and easy to learn and use - call, write, fax, or e-mail today to receive additional information, or to receive a free demonstration copy of the GASWorkS software.

GASCalc 4.0

Calculation Tools For The Natural Gas Professional

GASCalc 4.0 is the latest release of our popular suite of analytical tools specifically developed to aid in the design and operation of natural gas distribution, gathering, transmission, plant, and fuel piping systems. It includes routines for calculating a variety of stress, flow, and pressure values associated with virtually any piping application that transports or delivers natural gas. Its wide range of features provide the ability to investigate piping problems from the well head to the burner tip.

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